Form the largest, most efficient and most trusted network of integrated organic farms to sustainably produce healthy food, decent shelter and elegant clothing for every Filipino.


  1. Promote Organic farming as a profitable alternative to efficiently utilize unproductive land and compete with the rest of the world while nurturing our environment.
  2. Venture into agriculture for food, shelter and clothing using sustainable and natural production systems such as, multi-cropping, inter-cropping, contouring, integrated pest management, organic livestock integration. Etc.
  3. Inspire people with ‘Agriculture’ and provide an alternative to the busy life. ‘The Farm Life.’

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that every produce is grown with the utmost care and dedication. That every farm in our network is compliant to the highest production standards of the group. That every farm and produce passed through a stringent Internal Quality Control Standard at par with the best in the world.