About Us

Melendres Farm is a Filipino-owned company that started and specializes in the production and distribution of Oyster Mushrooms, sprouts, herbs and vegetables. Founded in 2001, as a backyard oyster mushroom culture project, we have gradually reinvented and expanded our product line and distribution base, constantly responding to the growing demands of its valued clientele.

At Melendres Farm, we deeply value customer satisfaction by providing only the best quality fresh organic produce.

We strive to improve our products and services through continuous research, experiments, seminars and consultations with notable farm and plant specialists in the country.  We employ a combination of natural, biological and Integrated Pest Management strategies to keep our farm pest-free and maintain the ecological balance in the farm.  We apply both classic and modern farming techniques to increase efficiency without compromising the quality of our products.

Our progressive and innovative business expansion in last fourteen years has proven our commitment and dedication to Food, Agriculture and Clients, as we have gained their trust and confidence through our long and enduring business relationship.

Why Organic?

A lifestyle in a broad sense, we believe that it’s a way of living. A life with sense of responsibility that revolves around nature and people. A way for family farming to be efficient and profitable without compromising natures’ natural balance. A way back to the basics and tangible connection to the ecosystem. A serious consideration we must take to sustainably produce food, shelter and clothing while taking care of our environment.